How to create a real estate website



WordPress, Themes and Plugins need a powerful web server, here you should not save in the wrong place.

It should be ensured that the provider provides a WordPress compatible package!

Examples of providers with special packages for WordPress:

Choose a Theme

The selection of a Theme (layout) is primarily a matter of taste. We support with our plugins some professional real estate themes, this means that you can import your properties in OpenImmo-XML format without any further adjustments into these themes.

You’ll find a list of directly supported themes in immonex OpenImmo2WP plugin.

Of course other themes can be used, for the import you must then adept the OpenImmo-XML fields the Theme fields.


For a multilingual website you need a translation management system such as WPML (WordPress Multilingual Plugin). So the content can be stored in WordPress in different languages.

Here you find also a tutorial with details how to Create a Multilingual WordPress Real Estate Website with wpCasa and WPML.

Multilingual import

In order for an automatic import of properties in multiple languages, we offer with immonex OpenImmo2WP Multilang a separate plugin. Here the different language versions of the objects are assigned to WordPress.

There is no translation instead! The objects must be in the appropriate language in the OpenImmo -XML file.

Theme translation

Certain themes will be delivered only in one language (usually English), for these themes, we offer with immonex L10n Packs related translation packages. So you not even have to translate all static terms of the theme.

Energy efficiency classes

For graphical representation of the energy efficiency classes may our immonex Energy Scale Pro Plugin be used. This is pre-configured for the supported themes.

Import of objects

Our main plugin immonex OpenImmo2WP imports the properties in the OpenImmo-XML format  into your website.

In your management software or in your real estate portal you setup the export of properties in OpenImmo-XML format and transmit the data via FTP to your website.
Then the immonex OpenImmo2WP plugin automatically imports the objects.

Individual adjustments

The basic setup of the page incl. Import can be done relatively quickly with the supported themes, difficult are individual adjustments.

You should consider which requirements the Theme must meet and how it should look!

If you do not even have programming skills, you should hire a corresponding developer with the knowledge. This then checks whether the selected theme ever meets the requirements or how huge the adaptation effort is.