immonex OpenImmo2WP – Informationen on License Fees

The prices for our OpenImmo2WP plugin licenses and the related add-ons may seem relatively high at first glance, above all in comparison with the countless low-budget or even free plugins and themes available in various marketplaces or the WordPress plugin repository.

There are good reasons for that:

Actual data are business-critical

Timely and continuously updated real estate offers are the core element of every realtor’s website. Outdated or incomplete data can lead to significant losses in sale that may exceed the license fees many times over.

Ergo, the data import has to function reliably and smoothly, it may not be confused with a simple “nice-to-have feature”!

No need for wasting time

Sure, there are various possibilities for importing data into WordPress – including OpenImmo data. In theory, most of them sound really simple, but in practice this looks different. (We speak from experience, because otherwise our import solution wouldn’t exist.)

Honestly, it just doesn’t make sense to put much time and energy in tinkering with inappropriate extensions or even in developing an own solution – unless the value of the own working and living time gets completely ignored.

Simplicity through a clear focus

We offer a better alternative, and its philosophy makes it unique: Our plugins is fully reduced to its core function, processing imported data. Output and style are matters of the real estate theme or plugin, functional overlappings are consistently avoided here to reduce complexity.

Instead of providing universal components with high customization effort, with our plugins we offer clean interface code and readily pre-defined data mapping tables – specially tailored to every supported theme or plugin. This enables a seamless integration with minimal configuration and time efforts!

Flexibility and openness

In most cases, our import solution with its default best practice settings works out of the box directly after installation. If there are more special requirements, the complete import process can be adjusted right down to the last detail – of course in an update-safe and WordPress compliant way through individual mapping tables, templates and filter/action hooks.

Beyond that, the plugin has been designed to smoothly interact with other extensions, most notably WPML and Polylang for importing and processing multilingual real estate offers (add-on plugin available).

Fanatic support – literally!

We are specialists for importing OpenImmo data into WordPress sites, that’s why our licenses always include the guarantee that our team is able to help quickly and competently if there are any questions or problems around the installation or usage of the plugin.

Here, we can draw on our wide range of experiences. So far, we could solve all support cases successfully!

Again in plain terms: There is absolutely no risk! For every purchased plugin we ensure that it will work – no strings attached! (If we should ever not be able to do so, we promptly refund the purchase price. However, we never hat that case so far.)

Of course, all of this is also true for web developers and agencies that use our plugins for projects of their customers: Among the pure installation support, with our know-how and an extensive pool of ready code examples we are a competent and reliable partner “in the background”.

Depending on the individual requirement or problem, the services included in the license price can cause quite a high effort. In combination with the fast reaction times, the personnel resources needed for this have to be taken into account when calculating the license fees.

Proven in practice

With more than 300 installations by now, immonex OpenImmo2WP has grown to a matured system that has been tested and optimized in combination with a wide range of different web hosting environments and software solutions for realtors.

Long-term security of investment

Everything is developing: WordPress, the related themes, the OpenImmo standard, legal conditions etc. Going by the motto “Never change a running system!” means acting grossly negligent, alone for security reasons.

Ergo: Frequently updating all components of a WordPress site is a must!

Our OpenImmo import plugin has to keep pace with these developments, hence it gets updated frequently and sustainably. For this, we invest much know-how and time, which again has to be ensured on a long-term basis through appropriate license fees. 

By the way, this counts for all professional software like our plugin – quite contrary to pure hobby or fun projects that have a long-term perspective only in very rare cases.

The market

Last but not least, the OpenImmo import for WordPress is not a mass market. Of course, we would gladly sell thousands of plugins every month and use the related scaling effects to lower the license fees. Unfortunately, this is not realistic.

That’s why our license prices are based on a fair calculation that ensures a reliable, long-term usage of our plugins!

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