OpenImmo2WP Ho, Ho, Ho, Update!

immonex X-Mas Present - Photo by Kari Shea / Unsplash

Xmas season and the end of the year are coming with big steps. Reasons enough for us to release a final update of OpenImmo2WP. (No worries, we’ll proceed in the new year with proven and fresh plugin solutions for WordPress! 😉 )

Among various detail improvements, overhauled default mapping tables for all supported themes as well as an option to limit the maximum image attachment count per import property, we’ve added the following hooks:

  • immonex_oi2wp_zip_archive_before_import
    A filter function attached to this hook can be used to check or modify an import ZIP archive before it is being processed. Furthermore, skipping specific files is possible this way.
  • immonex_oi2wp_reset_post_exclude_meta
    Before existing properties are being updated via the OpenImmo import interface, all meta data (custom fields) except the OpenImmo ID (OBID) get deleted by default first. This hook can be used to exclude more fields from being deleted.
  • immonex_oi2wp_delete_zip_file_if_older_than
    Import ZIP archives that can’t be decompressed or processed get deleted after three hours by default. Using this hook, the timeframe can be adjusted if needed.

inveris wishes all customers and partners a pleasant Xmas season, a happy new year and a lot of success in 2017!