OpenImmo2WP supports new versions of WPCasa and Realia

We are happy to announce that the last update of our OpenImmo import plugin for WordPress brings some major improvements again!

Our partners at WPCasa and Realia have fundamentally reworked their frameworks for WordPress based real estate websites. The core modules of their new solutions are now plugins instead of themes, which adds a lot of flexibility and new integration possibilities.

The current release of immonex OpenImmo2WP (1.9) already supports these new frameworks. Beyond that, we have also updated the support for Realty, WP Residence and themes.

A note on our first OpenImmo import plugin, immonex OpenImmo2wpCasa: This one will continuously support the classic theme-based wpCasa framework and its derived child themes only. The new WPCasa version will not be supported by this plugin, this is an exclusive feature of our extended OpenImmo2WP solution.

All OpenImmo2wpCasa users who want to upgrade their sites to the new WPCasa can switch their licenses to OpenImmo2WP at no extra costs! (Please send us an email if you intend to do so as a holder of an active OpenImmo2wpCasa license.)