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    Alex Janssens


    Wordpress Version 4.2.2
    immonex OpenImmo2wpCasa Version 1.8.3

    The problem with the activation of the plugin:

    Plugin could not be activated because it triggered a fatal error.

    The import directory can’t be created: /var/www/…/immonex-openimmo-import

    Permission on the folder 777.

    What can we do to solve this problem? We have a server VPS

    Thank you!

    Carsten Scheuer

    Hi Alex,

    maybe the WP filesystem mode has been set to “FTPExt” during installation. This can cause various issues. Could you please try to put the following line in your wp-config.php to switch to direct filesystem access?

    define( 'FS_METHOD', 'direct' );

    Alex Janssens

    Hi Carsten,

    This way it’s activated.

    The problem is that the Start Import button is not working.
    If I remove define (‘FS_METHOD’, ‘direct’) ;, it is an endless Processing import files …, a couple of days and did not stop.

    What is the problem?

    Thank you!

    Carsten Scheuer

    The FS_METHOD declaration should not be removed from wp-config.php, because the plugin depends on the ability to write files. Have you tested the import with FS_METHOD set to “direct” yet?

    (It may be an alternative option to also put the FTP credentials into wp-config.php like described here: http://bit.ly/1O5N4Ag – However, this hasn’t been tested and direct FS access is always the better option.)

    If the import with the “direct” FS option doesn’t work, would it be possible that you provide us a temporary WP admin account as well as FTP access (mail to pluginsupport@inveris.de)? This way it would be easier for us to locate the trouble source.

    Alex Janssens

    I sent a letter to the data access to the test site and ftp.


    Carsten Scheuer

    Thanks for the access credentials! I’ve taken a quick look already, but I couldn’t find any import ZIP archives in the import folder (wp-content/uploads/immonex-openimmo-import) so far. Have you deleted the import files manually after the stalled import occured?

    I’ve tested the import process with a single demo property (test archive attached to the mail I just sent you). This worked fine!

    Alex Janssens

    Hi again,

    Sorry for the trouble but the start buuton is still bloqued.

    We didin’t delete the import files manually… 🙁

    We don´t know how to move on…

    Thanks for your help!

    Carsten Scheuer

    No problem!

    The start button is only active if there are any import files (ZIP archives including an XML file and attachments like images etc.) waiting to be processed in the upload folder (wp-content/uploads/immonex-openimmo-import).

    Two more questions:

    Which software do you use to manage and transfer your real estate offers?

    Does this software confirm a successful transfer when you start an export to the website via its OpenImmo interface?

    Alex Janssens

    Excuse me, I think that we have misunderstood the purpose of this plug. We need to do export to other real estate portals using OpenImmo.
    What program do you recommend for the export of real estate?

    Carsten Scheuer

    Exporting is indeed not the purpose of the plugin. 😉 (WordPress is not really a good choice for managing this kind of real estate data due to the large number of fields and attributes the OpenImmo standard includes.)

    Many of our customers use the free OpenEstate-ImmoTool for managing their property data and exporting them to various portals and their own WP website:


    (In my opinion, the Java based user interface of the ImmoTool is not the best, but it definitely does the job.)

    Other widely used systems – at least in Germany – are FlowFact and onOffice (both offer different solutions):


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