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    anjuim moied

    Hi I have had this error below on trying to activate after the plugin has been instaled successfully .

    Please advice Many Thanks

    Warning: fopen(/home4/tenantli/public_html/Casa/wp-content/uploads/immonex-openimmo-import/current_log): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home4/tenantli/public_html/Casa/wp-content/plugins/immonex-openimmo2wpcasa/lib/inveris-simple-logger.php on line 16

    Fatal error: Uncaught exception ‘Exception’ with message ‘Unable to open/create raw logfile: /home4/tenantli/public_html/Casa/wp-content/uploads/immonex-openimmo-import/current_log’ in /home4/tenantli/public_html/Casa/wp-content/plugins/immonex-openimmo2wpcasa/lib/inveris-simple-logger.php:28 Stack trace: #0 /home4/tenantli/public_html/Casa/wp-content/plugins/immonex-openimmo2wpcasa/immonex-openimmo2wpcasa.php(136): inveris_Simple_Logger->__construct(‘/home4/tenantli…’) #1 /home4/tenantli/public_html/Casa/wp-content/plugins/immonex-openimmo2wpcasa/immonex-openimmo2wpcasa.php(2235): immonex_OpenImmo2wpCasa->__construct() #2 /home4/tenantli/public_html/Casa/wp-admin/plugins.php(151): include(‘/home4/tenantli…’) #3 /home4/tenantli/public_html/Casa/wp-admin/plugins.php(153): plugin_sandbox_scrape(‘immonex-openimm…’) #4 {main} thrown in /home4/tenantli/public_html/Casa/wp-content/plugins/immonex-openimmo2wpcasa/lib/inveris-simple-logger.php on line 28

    Carsten Scheuer

    Hi Anjuim,

    could you please check if the directory /home4/tenantli/public_html/Casa/wp-content/uploads/immonex-openimmo-import/ has been created and – if existing – which permissions are set for this folder? (If it’s a permission problem it might help to set (chmod) the folder permissions to 777 or 775 via shell or FTP client.)


    Carsten Scheuer

    Addendum: I’ve sent you a slightly updated plugin version. Please try this one and see if the activation error still occurs. Thanks!

    Carsten Scheuer

    The activation issue has been fixed in version 1.2.6.

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