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    Carsten Scheuer

    Wow, that’s tough! In most other software solutions for managing real estate data, performing a full export usually only means one or two additional clicks…

    Sorry for causing you this trouble with the plugin update! Updates shouldn’t break things, but we had not implemented a test for cases with manually updated term names… @!#?@!


    Yes i would expect this as well to just simply click a button to initiate a export of all properties at once but this feature does not exist or we have no control over it. Requesting it will be charged (claiming it takes to much server performance !!!). And for all other regions we would need to get the region administrator request the same. Hence my question if there is a solution you know of to export all current properties and re-import them.

    The issue appears to be fixed now and i got everything assigned correctly.

    Thank you for your fast and good assistance, always having a good experience here. This is very much appreciated and not standard these days.

    Carsten Scheuer

    Unfortunately, I can’t come up with an appropriate solution for the full export/import problem ad hoc, but this might be an interesting approach for future products and services.

    Anyway, thanks for your accolades! 🙂

Viewing 3 posts - 16 through 18 (of 18 total)
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