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    Silvi Hirm

    Hi. I just configurate the plugin immonex OpenImmo2WP but The button of import properties is not active.
    I don´t know what is wrong.
    Can you help me?
    Here are a pdf with my settings:

    setting plugin
    I use the 3.2 version and Housez theme.

    Carsten Scheuer


    an inactive button for manual imports means that there currently aren’t any files pending for processing.

    Have the import files been transferred to the global import folder (…/wp-content/uploads/immonex-openimmo-import/) or alternatively to one of its user-based subfolders (…/immonex-openimmo-import/users/username)?

    I’ve also noticed that the automated import is enabled in your configuration. Could it be that one ore more import files have already been processed automatically? (If so, you should have received import logs by email.)

    Silvi Hirm

    Sorry for my ignorance, I´m a beginner.
    the import folder is (…/immonex-openimmo-import/users/username).
    I didn´t receive anything by email.
    I´m using onoffice how can I connect with you plugin?


    Carsten Scheuer

    You have to configure the website export in onOffice as a „Portal“ (activate an entry called „free portal“ / „freies Portal“ and add your FTP credentials here).

    A german version of the setup description can be found in the onOffice online documentation. (I’m not aware if an English version is available, too. The onOffice support can surely help you with that or if you have specific questions.)

    It’s best practice to use one or more separate FTP accounts only for OpenImmo data transmission that directly point to the site’s import folder(s) (…/wp-content/uploads/immonex-openimmo-import or …/wp-content/uploads/immonex-openimmo-import/users/[username] if multiple users transfer their data). If a general account is in use that – for example – points to the website root folder, you have to state the respective folder path in the onOffice portal configuration.

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